What's the difference between power and electric showers?

Power showers vs electric showers: what’s the difference?

At The Shower Doctor, our business has been built upon providing the right information, diagnosis and products for our customers. Our expert customer service teams are on hand to discuss everything from choosing the right shower for your home and then supplying it at the very best price, right across to helping diagnose problems with

Best selling commercial showers.

Commercial Showers: Best Sellers from The Shower Doctor

If you run a business or organisation, then you understand how important reliability is. Whether it’s your staff, your suppliers or your equipment – you need confidence in their ability to consistently perform, helping you run with minimal downtime. That’s exactly what these commercial showers are designed to do, all have been designed and manufactured

Cheap showers from The Shower Doctor.

Cheap Showers Online from the Shower Doctor

At the Shower Doctor, our purchasing teams work hard with the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of showers – negotiating excellent discounts on behalf of all of our customers. This approach means that we can offer discounts of over 50% across certain models, giving our trade and domestic customer’s access to the highest quality shower

Best selling designer showers.

Designer Showers, Favourites & Best Sellers

The most luxurious bathrooms don’t just look great, they also provide excellent performance from their appliances. Whether it’s elegant waterfall taps, roll top baths and luxury, powerful rainfall showers – the best bathrooms need to provide the best possible experience. To that end, we supply a range of luxury, designer showers that not only look

Discounted Triton Showers.

Triton Showers: Discounted Triton Shower Best Sellers

At The Shower Doctor, we remember Triton Showers starting out in life as Triton Aquatherm Ltd back in the 1970’s. Since then, we have worked ever closer with this UK shower brand on their journey to the top of the shower industry market. We personally find all Triton Showers are expertly engineered, and are popular

Rada showers bestsellers and favourites.

Rada Showers & Systems: Best Sellers, Favourites & Discounts

If you have used the shower at a gym, hospital, school or any other commercial premises – then it’s highly likely that you will have come into contact with a Rada Shower. Over the last 90 years, Rada have been the world leaders in the design and manufacture of washroom and showering controls and systems

How to de-scale a shower head.

How to De-scale a Shower Head

Day to day showering can have a pretty big impact on your shower head. Depending upon where you live in the country, limescale can very quickly build up blocking your shower head, providing a less than satisfactory shower experience. The simple method that many of us in the office use at home is really simple,

Four benefits of taking cold showers.

Benefits of cold showers: The Shower Doctor evaluation

The link between medicine, healthcare and our business of shower spares and showers – may be in name only, but just like the red faced Doctor of Finance, on an aircraft called up to help a seriously ill passenger, we don’t think it should hold us back on looking at, and pretending to be an

Best selling Mira Showers.

Best selling Mira showers from the full Mira range

Mira is one of our bestselling shower brands here at The Shower Doctor. A UK manufacturer, Mira design and manufacture almost every type of shower, from mixer showers to digital showers, as well as power showers and electric showers. The wide range of showers within the Mira range means that there is a shower to

Shower towers: a buying guide.

Shower Towers Buying Guide

Shower towers, which can also be known as shower panels offer a luxury and stylish alternative to the more traditional shower units. Injecting luxury and elegance into a bathroom, they are packed with innovative technology, and deliver a second to none showering experience. They transform an everyday showering experience, into a memorable, spa like showering

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