What's the difference between power and electric showers?

At The Shower Doctor, our business has been built upon providing the right information, diagnosis and products for our customers. Our expert customer service teams are on hand to discuss everything from choosing the right shower for your home and then supplying it at the very best price, right across to helping diagnose problems with your shower, before sending you out the parts you need to fix it. Supplying both trade and domestic customers, one of the biggest questions our team gets asked is: ‘What’s the difference between a power shower and an electric shower?’ This post will answer that question.

Power showers explained

Typically, a power shower combines water from both your hot and cold water supplies. Power showers also contain an internal pump, which makes them ideal for use in homes and properties with low water pressure. They are usually installed on gravity fed systems, with a hot water cylinder. They can be either thermostatically controlled, or manually controlled and provide a fantastic, and powerful showering experience.

Electric showers explained

Electric showers draw cold water from your homes water supply, before heating the water internally to provide your desired temperature. As the electric shower is completely separate from your hot water supply, they can be used in any home regardless of the plumbing system (gravity fed, combi boiler etc) electric showers are particularly popular in family homes, where the hot water can easily be used up in a short space of time. They are also popular in homes which may have an unreliable hot water supply, as hot water is guaranteed in an instant.

The Shower Doctor best sellers

Hopefully the above information has helped you decide on which shower is right for your home, but if it hasn’t – then please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with our teams on 0131 538 4343 and we will be happy to answer any further questions that you may have.

Best selling power shower

The Triton thermostatic power shower is without doubt our most popular power shower. Triton have long been the industry leaders in showers and have a thirty year history of producing excellent showers and bathroom products, and this shower lives up to all expectations. Delivering up to 14 litres per minute, and as well as providing a luxurious shower experience – it also comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Best selling electric shower

Benefiting from the very best in shower research & design, the T80Z Fast Fit Electric Shower is the latest incarnation of Britain’s bestselling shower – the Triton T80, which has been a household favourite for more than three decades. Super quick and easy to fit, it provides an excellent showering experience with all of the convenience of an electric shower, instant hot water and a great flow rate makes this one of our personal favourites. As an added bonus it also comes with a two year guarantee.

Power showers & electric showers from The Shower Doctor

We stock and supply a massive range of both power showers and electric showers online. If you have any questions about the range, then our teams are always on hand to help out. All of the showers on our site have been heavily discounted, and represent excellent value.

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