Rada showers bestsellers and favourites.

If you have used the shower at a gym, hospital, school or any other commercial premises – then it’s highly likely that you will have come into contact with a Rada Shower. Over the last 90 years, Rada have been the world leaders in the design and manufacture of washroom and showering controls and systems – which have been widely used by organisations providing showering systems. All Rada systems have fantastic levels of reliability, security and redundancy – providing a long term showering solution for your premises.

So whether you are looking for a full shower system for a school, or simply a replacement shower system at your work premises – Rada have the right solution for your exact requirements. Below, we run through some of our best sellers, and some of our most heavily discounted options.

Rada PA-V8FW Shower Panel Assembly

This contemporary shower panel has an integral TMV3 approved Thermostatic Mixing Valve with both flow and temperature adjustment. It’s also very easy to maintain, using an easy clean single spray handset. It also arrives with a flexible hose and slide bar. The long sleek design ensures that this shower is suitable for use by all age groups, and concealed pipe work keeping users away from hot materials.Fitting is also made easier thanks to the supply of integral isolators and flexible connections which are supplied with the shower. This shower usually retails at £1,066.80 and we supply this shower at just £746.60.

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Rada Sense Shower Kit T3

This shower kit is the world’s first digital mixing valve for commercial use. The concealed valve offers a non-touch flow and temperature control, with programmable maximum, minimum and default temperatures – perfect for setting safety controls. It’s also supplied with vandal resistant shower fitting for connection via concealed pipework. There’s no hot material risk, and this product is one of the most advance commercial showering products on the market. The retail price for this shower kit is £764.40 and we supply this product at just £535.08.

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Rada VR2-ES Fixed Shower Head

This vandal resistant shower head is a popular choice with schools, healthcare facilities and gyms that we supply. It’s available for both exposed and concealed shower systems, and combines style with high performance. It’s not just the users of the shower who will appreciate it either, it’s incredibly easy to install and is supplied with either nine litre a minute, or six litre a minute regulars for water economy. This shower head usually retails at £145.60, and we supply it at just £101.61. A 30% saving off RRP.

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Rada 215 T-3 Concealed Mixing Valve

TMV3 Scheme approved, this concealed mixing valve incorporates a sealed cartridge, and is suitable for group showering. Usually, this mixer valve retails at £603.60, and we have discounted that price by 30% to bring it to market at £422.52.

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Rada Commercial Shower Systems at The Shower Doctor

At The Shower Doctor, we are proud to supply a number of Rada products to both our domestic and trade customers. Available directly from us, and heavily discounted they are have been used in everything from homes, to care homes, hospitals gyms and schools. If you have any questions about the Rada range of products, or our commercial showering systems and product – please do just get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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