Our comprehensive list of plumbing services covers electric, mixer, and power showers as well as shower pumps. Follow the links below to find out more about each service.

Shower Repairs

At The Shower Doctor, we pride ourselves in being able to repair all types of showers, including electric, power showers, mixer showers and even water heaters. Expertise we have ...

Shower Pump Repairs

Shower pumps are often used in households with low water pressure, so when they develop a fault, you can almost immediately feel the negative impact on your showering and ...

Mixer Shower Servicing

Over time, many components inside a mixer valve can wear out and become stiff, start leaking, or even break completely. This can be especially true for brass parts such ...

Accessory fitting

Some shower accessories can be extremely tricky to fit, or you may simply lack the tools necessary to do the job yourself. The Shower Doctor technicians can not only ...

Established in 1993, we are Edinburgh’s longest running shower repair business offering unrivalled expertise and spare part availability.

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