Disability and access showers buying guide.

Disability & Access Showers Buying Guides & Best Sellers

If like thousands of people you struggle, or someone in your household struggles with being mobile enough to enjoy a safe showering experience, then there are a number of products, dedicated to helping you provide a safe, and satisfying showering experience. At the Shower Doctor, we supply customers all over the UK with these products,

Is a hot shower really bad for your skin?

Is a Hot Shower Really Bad for Your Skin?

It’s a fact of life that most things we enjoy, are investigated by an expert and are found to be bad for us. Think about it – alcohol, red meat, sunshine, sugar, salt, caffeine and now – even hot showers are found to be bad for us. As the experts in all things shower related,

Benefits of digital showers explained.

Smart/Digital Showers: The Benefits Explained

In 99% of industries and market sectors, technology has made massive improvements in recent years and The Shower sector is no different. Benefiting from the increasing market share of digital showers – the latest innovation from the world’s leading shower brands. In this post, we look at these showers in further detail – as well

Top mixer showers.

What is a Mixer Shower?

At the Shower Doctor, we pride ourselves in stocking and supplying a fantastic range of showers and shower parts online – all of which represent excellent value for money, quality and performance. Understanding the shower market inside out, our teams are able to recommend the perfect shower for your requirements, whilst saving you some money in

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